****QC/Technical Support:
1. Regular training of QC team with strong awareness of Q.C.
2. Strict quality control is performed at each production stage to ensure perfect quality.For every order, Quality Control is set in knitting/woven department, dyeing department, cutting/sewing department, washing department,packing department and delivery department, so as to keep an eye on each step of our production to make sure of the product quality.

****Checking procedures/ details:
1.Pre-production check: inspecting the yarn, the dyed/printed/embroidered fabric, and accessories.
2.Initial Production Check: cutting inspection, embroidery/print inspection.
3.During Production Check: sewing ,washing and ironing inspection, size specs checking.
4.Final Random Inspection & Packing Check.
****Standards & Approvals:
Most our factories gained the certificate of ISO-9002 Quality System, with advanced equipment , experienced staff and strict management.

Mainly ordered from outstanding factories in mainland China , but also imported from Hong Kong, Taiwan area and South Korea.